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Indian Patent office has invited applications from interested persons for empanelment as a Scientific Advisors to provide technical assistance to various Courts in India. This invitation is open till the 30th of November 2009.  The notice is available at the IPO website (here).

According to Section 115 of the Indian Patent Act , in any suit for infringement or in any proceeding before a court, the court may appoint an independent scientific adviser to assist the court or to inquire and report on any such question of fact or of opinion to the court.

The Patent Office is required to maintain a roll of such advisors who can be appointed by the court as per Rule 103 and must be updated annually.

Qualification for empanelment as a scientific advisor are (Rule 103)

  1. He should hold a degree in science, engineering, technology or equivalent;

  2. At least fifteen years’ practical or research experience; and

  3. Holds or has held a responsible post in a scientific or technical department of the Central or State Government or in any organization.

The remuneration of the scientific adviser shall be fixed by the court and shall include the costs of making a report and a proper daily fee and any day on which the scientific adviser may be required to attend before the court, and such remuneration shall be defrayed out of moneys provided by Parliament by law for the purpose. (Section 115)

This is a welcome move by the Controller General to publicly notify such invitation for scientific advisors. With litigation increasing by the day and absence of specialized courts or bench for deciding complex technical matters, it was time to update that roll with the best people available.

For our erudite and learned readers who would qualify for this, you may download the notification (here) and proforma (here).